Ideas for your Unity Ceremony

Ideas for your Unity Ceremony

When I was planning my own wedding, our celebrant, Jessica Statham, asked us, “Have you any Ideas for your Unity Ceremony?” Our Unity what? Yeah you’d think I’d know. We’ve decided that exchanging rings is good enough for us but below I’ve outlined some that I’ve seen over the years (I just didn’t know what they were called).

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Unity Candle

This is a simple enough one, you’ve probably seen it before. At the beginning of the ceremony the couple light two separate candles to symbolise one another. Then after they have made their vows, exchanged their vows and shared a first kiss they light a central candle with the two individual ones as a symbol of their unity.

Hand Fasting

This is the second most popular ones I’ve seen. There are a few ways to do it but generally it involves binding the hands of the couple with ribbons in to symbolise their marriage vows. They literally bind themselves to one another. It is usually performed by close friends or family members.

Sand Ceremony

Each person has different coloured sand and takes turns pouring it into one clear vessel, forming a layered effect. It’s not always just the couple, sometimes the parents or couple’s children get involved. It creates pretty layers that the couple can display in their home.

Wine Box Ceremony

A lot of people suggested this one to us. It’s where you get a really nice bottle of wine and put it in a wooden box. The couple both write letters to one another explaining why they’re marrying one another During the ceremony the seal the box with the wine and letters and pledge not to open it until a certain time. Some people say it’s when times are tough, some people say it’s to celebrate a big occasion, it’s totally up to you.

Tree Planting Ceremony

This is such a lovely sentiment. The bride and groom can invite special family members or friends to help them by adding soil to the planting. If they’re getting married outside, in your back garden or a public space you can plant the tree and revisit it whenever you want. If they’re having an indoor ceremony they can symbolically plant it by adding soil to the pot and plant it at a later date somewhere they can revisit.

So there you have it, I hope you found this post Ideas for your Unity Ceremony helpful, feel free to share it around and if you’ve any questions wedding planning related feel free to drop me a line.



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