I’m Katie

and I’m here to help you have the most craic possible on your wedding day

that’s me

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My aim is to make your day go as smoothly as possible. I will not intrude but I don’t mind helping to zip you in to your dress if needs be. I will be the eyes of your wedding and will capture all the things you do and don’t see or might not remember on the day.

My inspiration comes from each couple I meet and what they want from their wedding day. I am never content with my skill-set and I am always trying to broaden my mind and skills.

katie kav dublin wedding photographer

🌈 I’m obsessed with dopamine dressing, the more colour the better in my opinion. 

📚️ I LOVE to read, my husband says anything miserable, I say ‘real relationship stories’. 

🐱 I have a cat called Frankie, she rules the roost in our house. ⁠⁠

⛰️ One of my favourite ways to spend a day off is a hike, followed by a dip in the sea and a pint of ice cold cider. ⁠

📸 I’ve been shooting weddings 12 years, and yes I still love them. Every one is completely different so it never gets boring. ⁠

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Some of my Favourites include:⁠

🥔 Crisps: Cheese & Onion Hunky Dory’s⁠

🌴 Holiday: New Zealand 

🏠️ Shop: Oliver Bonas⁠

📕 Book: A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara⁠

🎸 Band: Oasis⁠

🏊🏻 Hobby: Swimming⁠

🥂 Beverage: Pepsi Max/Cider/Black Coffee⁠

katie kav best wedding photographer

“You don’t hire a photographer, you get a Katie. This is a woman you not only need in your wedding party but in your life!”

best irish wedding photographer

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