A little about me

I'm Katie, I currently live in Dublin City Centre although I've lived all over Ireland. I was raised in Wicklow, went to college in Waterford, worked for a year in Cork, back to Waterford, on to Australia and back to Dublin. Phew, I'm tired reading that.

I'm married myself, to the lovely Darran, that's him in the picture. What a suit right? We got married last summer, in June. So believe me when I tell you I know what you're going through and I know how challenging planning a big (or small) wedding can be!

Some interesting facts about me:

  • I have never met a bag of crisps I didn't like 
  • I love lazy Sundays, gin and tonics & prosecco
  • I also work at a really cool design agency
  • I also worked in a chip shop
  • I go to the gym most mornings because sanity>vanity
  • I still haven't learned how to do 'The Floss'
  • I'm Mrs2Be's Bride's Choice Wedding Photographer of the Year
  • I love the Stone Roses and Oasis, don't @ me
  • My Patronus is Tyrion Lannister

I trained as a Graphic Designer but I am so much more than that. I am a wedding photographer, a graphic designer, a social media nerd, and a terrible housekeeper.


You HATE getting your photo taken, I get it, I'm with ya!

Lucky for you, my style of photography is very relaxed and laid back. I'll the real story of a wedding day and make your day go as smoothly as possible. There will be some posing but not much. I'm more of a 'put you in a flattering pose and have a chat' kinda photographer rather than the 'stand there, look at me, look at him, now laugh' kinda photographer. 

If I'm really honest, a wedding day isn't just about the couple. Don't get me wrong, it's a big part of the day. But there are so many small stories going on that make up the true meaning of the day. And that's what I'm there to capture. Of course, I'll get the family photos, and the group photos and the walking down the aisle photos but what you really want, and what I hear time and time again from my past couples is that it's the candid, real, unstaged wedding photographs that mean the most to them

There'll be tears (yours and maybe mine) and laughter (both) which will result in beautiful wedding photos that you'll come back to year after year and discover a new favourite every time.

Sound good? Drop me a line and we'll talk about making your wedding day the best craic it can be! 


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