Best Irish Wedding Videographers that I Love to Work With

Best Irish Wedding Videographers

A question I am always asked, I mean 9 times out of 10, is ‘Do you have a recommendation for a videographer?’. Why yes I do. Here they are, in no particular order. The  soundest and most talented Best Irish Wedding Videographers I’ve worked with recently.

Story of Eve 

Michael is a true master of his craft. Each video he creates tells the story of the individual couple. Some are really romantic and emotional, some are full of soul and a great party. He’s super easy to work with, shoots in a documentary style and sometimes you wouldn’t even know he was there. He’s like a ninja!

Martin Healy Wedding Films

Martin is a dream to work with. He’s friendly and helpful and super talented to boot. After 20 years in the business, he still gets excited by each wedding, no mean feat. He likes to capture the day as it unfolds, creating a video that represents your wedding day. He’s so good, I booked him for my wedding day.

Amare Stories – formerly Ronan Quinn

Ronan is a passionate storyteller who captures unforgettable moments for his couple. He’s really passionate about his work. Having met Ronan recently it’s clear to see he loves his job and the people he works with. He’s also top craic which is always a bonus.

Paul in Old Pine Films

Paul is not only a super talented wedding filmmaker. He’s an absolute dote and a joy to have around. He films in a relaxed, creative style and making his couples feel at ease is his top priority. He’ll catch all those special moments between you both and the moments in-between too!

Best Irish Wedding VideographersEdit House

I worked with Emma on a recent wedding in Kenmare, she had driven from a wedding in Kildare the night before. If it was me, I’d be wrecked. Not Emma, you wouldn’t even know she had done a full wedding the day before. Not only is her work amazing but she’s a breeze to work with. She shoots in a documentary style and she doesn’t do posing. The results are a natural film that is true to you.

Best Irish Wedding VideographersShane Prunty

Shane also shoots in a documentary style (are you sensing a trend here?), he captures the true essence of the day as it unfolds naturally. Shane is so quiet sometimes even the photographer forgets he’s there. He has this uncanny ability to blend in with his surroundings. Meaning his videos really capture all the emotion of the day.

Eye Capture Wedding Films

Andrew has a BA in Video & Film, so he’s got that technical stuff nailed. Leaving him to focus on the job at hand, capturing your wedding in all it’s glory. Again, he’s pretty sound and very discreet so it’s a win win situation.

best Irish wedding videographers

Keith Malone Wedding Films

Keith is one of the easiest videographers I’ve worked with. We go way back, too far back to mention actually. He’s super discreet and doesn’t interrupt the flow of the day which I LOVE! He lets the day play out and quietly captures all the emotion and most importantly, the craic!




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