What I’ve learned after over 100 weddings!

As I sit here in my editing cave I have an inner monologue going on. Some of it’s kind, some of it, is not so kind, but hey, that’s life. I’ve done well over 100 weddings now, I do this gig part-time, so that’s not half bad considering I only have weekends to play with, and most people get married in the Summer months. I’ve seen a lot. I’ve decided to chart it here in the hope that it will help you in your wedding planning mission. So in no particular order here goes nothing… Best Wedding Photographer Ireland 2020

  1. Pick your bridesmaids wisely… like be real wise about it. They need to be your right hand women.
  2. Groomsmen are mainly useless but are the most craic. They will always bring booze.
  3. The last 20 minutes of wedding prep is insane. Roll with it.
  4. Keep the room as clean as possible, your photographer will thank you
  5. Clear the room of people once hair and makeup is done, again, your photographer will thank you.
  6. If it’s a windy day, wear your hair up.
  7. Having a winter wedding? Have an earlier ceremony. Actually, just have an early ceremony anyway. You’ll have more daylight and more time to party.
  8. Don’t let people park in front of or around the front sides of your church, or venue for that matter.
  9. Cheap red carpets will stain your dress.
  10. Your dress will get dirty, don’t sweat it.

  1. Family photos are necessary.
  2. Shot lists are not.
  3. Text/Email your photographer back when you’ve seen your images, they’re stressing over whether you like them or not.
  4. Feed your photographer and videographer. It’s a long day.
  5. If a tradition doesn’t feel right, ditch it!
  6. An emotional dad is the BEST!
  7. There’s nothing like working with a friendly videographer.
  8. Get a videographer, a nice one! Here’s some of my favourite ones.
  9. Stand up straight and stick out your chin in the ceremony, like your mammy told you to.
  10. Coloured up-lighters at dinner are a nightmare for photographers, especially purple ones, and blue ones and… just stick to the daylight setting! mount druid wedding photography
  11. So are dimly lit churches.
  12. Try not to sing along to your first dance, you’ll make some funny faces, unless it’s a banger, then shout as loud as you can!
  13. It’ll rain, but it won’t matter, I’ll still get the shots.
  14. Your favourite photos won’t be the ones you think.
  15. Party favours are a waste of money, spend it on booze!
  16. First looks are the best thing ever! Ask Heather or Roisín… I’ve more coming this year.
  17. Google Maps, when it works, will bring you anywhere.
  18. It will also get you lost in the middle of nowhere in Carlow.
  19. The Irish know how to party, no offence any other nationality, we just do.
  20. Baby wipes will fix almost any problem.Coolbawn Quay Wedding Photos
  21. Eircodes are the biz.
  22. Free bars at an Irish wedding are a recipe for disaster.
  23. I’ve yet to encounter a bridal party that knows how to pin a button hole to a jacket lapel.
  24. It will take longer to get in to your wedding dress than you think it will.
  25. Veils are very pretty, grooms and guests will stand on them.
  26. There is a community of photographers and videographers in this country who will try to help each other out no matter what.
  27. Wedding vendors are never not working.
  28. I love and remember every single one of my couples. Some of them are now very good friends of mine.
  29. Clear bra straps will dig in to your skin and can be very painful after a long day
  30. Removable trains are so much handier than bustling.haven hotel dunmore east wedding photography
  31. Dance offs are always great craic but must be impromptu!
  32. Dads never know what to do with themselves the morning of a wedding.
  33. Drivers are always early.
  34. Your feet will swell the morning of the wedding, it’s the heat and nerves.
  35. A band can make or break a dance floor.
  36. Nobody ever gets to eat the cake (until the next day)
  37. Save the midnight snacks for later in the night.
  38. Get ready in a well lit room.
  39. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  40. I’m very lucky to do this job and witness some amazing moments in humanity.

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Best Wedding Photographer Ireland 2020



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