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Grand Canal Dock Dublin City Wedding Photos

Dublin City Wedding Photography – Nicola & Eoin

Nicola & Eoin were having a small wedding but had read my blog about  Why you still need a photographer for your small wedding and because I talked so much sense they decided to have me along for a few hours to document the main event. Family is super important to these two so prep was a must-have for Nicola who was getting ready in her parent’s house in North Dublin City. The only brief they gave me was to capture them and their family and to bring Dublin into it in some way. Easy for me, they got married in Dublin City Centre.

Dublin City Registry Office Wedding

They had their intimate wedding ceremony in the Registry Office in Dublin City Centre. It was a quick but meaningful ceremony with a little interruption from their youngest daughter but that all adds to the craic. We did a few family photos outside the registry office before heading for a little walk just the three of us.

Dublin City Centre Wedding Photos

The joy of a city centre wedding is that the portrait part of the day is just a walk around your favourite spots. I love when the locations mean something to the couple and it’s not just a photo shoot. Nicola & Eoin love bringing the kids to Grand Canal Dock and exploring all the houseboats moored there. Both being Dubs, they have a grá for historic buildings so Bolands Mill was the perfect backdrop for them too. We spent about 20 minutes walking down the canal to Grand Canal Dock, with a cameo from the DART (extra Dublin points for public transport featuring), where they hopped in the car to their reception and I trotted home up the canal.

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