Dublin City Wedding Photographer – Emma & Colin

Dublin City Wedding Photographer

Dublin City Wedding Photographer – Emma & Colin

Emma is a good pal of mine, we met about 4 years ago. I can’t remember if it was in real life or online at first but I feel like we’ve been friends forever. When she called and told me her and Colin had a last minute appointment in the Registry Office in Dublin to get married I jumped at the chance to be their photographer. I wasn’t gonna let anyone else do it. I knew they were gonna be super stylish and lovey dovey, they did not disappoint. We met at PMacs an hour before their ceremony. That’s where they had their first date. It was closed and being painted so we couldn’t do photos there so we just took a little stroll down Drury Street down to the Trinity Nursing building where Emma went to college (and where I wanted to get a photo of a couple with the GAS sign). From there it was a detoured taxi ride over to the registry office for their 10 minute ceremony with their 2 witnesses. It can be that simple if you want folks. I left them after the ceremony and they continued on with their celebrations with the rest of the their family. Simples.  Dublin City WeddingPhotographer

Brides Suit: Zara
Grooms Jacket: Zara


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