Cliff at Lyons Wedding Photography

Cliff at Lyons Wedding Photography

Cliff at Lyons Wedding Photography – Kevin & Erik

The Cliff at Lyons has been on my ‘list of places I’d like to shoot’ for years now. So when Kevin & Erik got in touch I jumped at the chance to shoot their wedding. I also hadn’t shot a male same sex wedding yet, madness, I know. The Cliff at Lyons is like a film set. It is a literal dream to photograph. It really does provide the perfect backdrop for a wedding. Not to mention the food. THE FOOD GUYS! Unreal.

Anyways, Kevin & Erik got ready separately, with friends and family tipping in and out throughout the morning. They’re American, so they’re whole group was here on ‘vacation’ and it really felt like it. Everyone was in flying form. They opted for a first look, they wanted time together before the ceremony and they were walking up the aisle together anyway so it made sense. We spent an hour ambling around the grounds of the Cliff at Lyons just chilling out, they had chats and I photographed them.

Their ceremony was outdoors in the orchard which was just perfect. They followed the American tradition of the family procession but then broke tradition by entering the ceremony as they intended to leave it, together. It was a tres emotional ceremony, carried out by Erik’s aunt. There were tears (not me, I swear) and laughter, and happily ever after (groan, I know).

Drinks reception in the courtyard before the rain and then dinner & dancing in the Millhouse was a real treat. These guys really planned the day with their guests in mind. There was enough moving around that people didn’t get tired of one space but not too much that people were worn out. A real treat, was the cake service. Before they booked anything Kevin & Erik ordered their cake from Clare Anne Taylor (now closed. They served it after dinner in the Orangerie, with Irish Coffees for everyone. Such a great way of doing it.

Their dance floor was hopping with I left, which, Im not gonna lie, was really difficult cause who want to leave while Lady Gaga is blaring over the decks.




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