Barberstown Castle Wedding Photography

Barberstown Castle Wedding Photography

Devon & Kelsey’s Vibrant Same Sex Wedding Photography at Barberstown Castle

In the heart of picturesque Co. Kildare, Ireland, love knows no boundaries. Meet Devon and Kelsey, a young, energetic American couple whose love story started 8 years ago in Florida and brought them to the enchanting Barberstown Castle for a celebration that was as fun-filled as it was heartwarming. Barberstown Castle Wedding Photography

From the moment I arrived to Devon and Kelsey, and their respective bridal parties, their vibrant energy was infectious. They all exuded a palpable joy that radiated throughout the whole day. Friends and family alike were swept up in the lively atmosphere, a perfect reflection of the couple’s dynamic personalities.

Barberstown Castle, with its rich history and stunning architecture, provided the ideal backdrop for the festivities. The couple chose this fairy-tale setting to declare their love for each other, and it couldn’t have been more fitting. The castle’s romantic ambiance blended seamlessly with Devon and Kelsey’s modern love story.

The outdoor ceremony, conducted by their closer friend, was a reflection of the couple’s unique bond. Laughter echoed around the castle garden as the vows were exchanged, creating an atmosphere that was both intimate and celebratory.

The reception that followed was nothing short of a party. Devon and Kelsey, surrounded by their closest friends and family, danced the night away to Midlands DJ’s banging tunes. The party was alive and kicking when I left them on the dancefloor.

The couple’s choice of Ireland as their wedding destination added an extra layer of magic to the affair. The lush landscapes and historic charm of Co. Kildare provided the perfect canvas for a love story that knows no boundaries.

Devon and Kelsey’s wedding at Barberstown Castle was a celebration of love, unity, and the power of bringing people together. Their vibrant energy, combined with the enchanting setting, created a day that will be remembered not only by the happy couple but by everyone fortunate enough to witness the union of two souls so deeply in love. As the sun set over the Irish countryside, it marked not just the end of a day but the beginning of a beautiful journey for Devon and Kelsey.

Barberstown Castle Wedding Photography Vendors

Couple: @Devmorse & @Ktabess
Venue: @Barberstowncastlehotel
Celebrant / Officiant: @Mt.Lioness
Dj: @Midlanddjs
Dress Boutique: @Flairboston
Dress Designer: @Watters
Rings: @Honeyjewelryco
Florist: @Nettle.Design
Hair Stylist: @Caracameronhair

Make Up Artist: @Ailbhelynch

Signage: @Datbeck
Videographer: @Littlebearfilm


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