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Planning a wedding can be an exciting, yet stressful event. Whether you’re looking for a photographer who offers traditional posed family portraits, or more of an unobtrusive documentary style approach, it’s important to understand the average price of a wedding photographer in Ireland. With Katie Kav Photography, you can rest assured that you will receive quality photography services for your special day at a fair price that fits within your budget.

Average Price of a Wedding Photographer Ireland

Average Price of a Wedding Photographer Ireland

Budgeting is possibly the most BORING part of planning a wedding. Unfortunately it is necessary. I would recommend a spreadsheet, I would put in everything you need for your wedding. I would then, prioritise. The best way to find out what the average price of a wedding photographer Ireland is to do your research. Read blogs like this one from One Fab Day or this one from Confetti. These have been compiled from reader survey’s so they’re pretty accurate.

Let’s dive in with the most asked questions:

How much does a wedding photographer cost in Ireland?

According to One Fab Day the average price of a wedding photographer Ireland is between €2,000 – €4,000. Shocked? Yes you can get a local photographer for €500 but as the old adage goes ‘you get what you pay for’. Bear in mind that after your wedding day is over, all you will have are your memories and your wedding photos. You want them to be good right? Budget will be a deciding factor in what you spend on your wedding photos but please don’t let it be THE deciding factor.

Questions to ask yourself when deciding on your wedding photographer:

Average Price of a Wedding Photographer Ireland

What is a reasonable price for wedding photographer?

I get this one a lot. Reasonable is relative. Whats reasonable to you might not be reasonable to someone else. My wedding prices start at €2500 for a days wedding photography in Ireland. Sound reasonable to you?

How much do photographers make for weddings?

Again, this varies, if you’re paying a €500 wedding photographer, chances are they’re not insured, they don’t pay tax and they don’t consider wedding photography their business. Consider the rule of thirds here, 1/3 on tax, 1/3 on costs an 1/3 on profit. I don’t know anyone who can run a business on €166 profit per wedding.

Most professional photographers I know are sticklers for detail and total over thinkers. You can rest assured they pay for good secure image storage, they are insured should anything go wrong, they have years of experience from shooting weddings and attending photography workshops. Not to mention the €20k worth of gear we’re lugging around. All of these things cost money. And any professional wedding photographer will have factored these in to their cost of doing business. This will raise the cost of their services but you will benefit from all of these things.

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Can you negotiate with a wedding photographer?

I mean, you can try, but from my perspective my prices are set so that both me and my clients get the best. If your wedding day is different to the average wedding day, ie. if you’re only having a small city centre wedding, you probably don’t need full 7 hour coverage, talk to your photographer about custom wedding photography packages. But in general, trust that your wedding photographer is not trying to swindle you out of your hard earned cash monies and that they might cost slightly more than the Average Price of a Wedding Photographer Ireland

Finding a Cheap Wedding Photographer in Ireland

There is no getting away from the fact that the budget plays a major part in planning a wedding. However I beg you, don’t just choose the cheapest wedding photographer in Ireland. You will regret it. Find a wedding photographer who’s style of photography you love and has a personality you connect with. You’re going to spend more time with your wedding photographer than any other person on your wedding day so you want them to be sound right? As discussed above, if you find a photographer you love but they’re not in your budget, talk to them about reducing hours or deliverables to see if you can get them within your wedding photography budget.

How do you know when you’ve found the right wedding photographer for you?

*Spoiler alert IT’S ME!* Jokes! Can you see yourself in their wedding photos shown on their website? When you look through their portfolio try to envision yourself on your wedding day, if you can see yourself you’ve met your match. You should feel excited when you look at their work. This is when price begins to be relative. If you love their work, you’ll most likely find the money to pay for them.

Wedding Photography Prices Ireland

This is the thousand euro question! I’ve outline my wedding photography packages here. My Average Price of a Wedding Photographer Ireland is €2500. However if you want a wedding albums ireland you’re gonna have to pay more. Not much more I promise.

If you’ve made it this far you’ve realised that there is no such thing as Average Price of a Wedding Photographer Ireland.


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