Small Dublin City Hall & Shelbourne Hotel Wedding Photography – Rebecca & Andrew

Shelbourne Hotel Wedding Photos

Small Dublin City Hall & Shelbourne Hotel Wedding Photography – Rebecca & Andrew

Rebecca & Andrew had their priorities right from the get-go. They never wanted a big wedding. In fact, they’d already said vows to one another in their kitchen a while back, so this was just the leagal bit. As you’ll see from the photos, they have two beautiful daughters. However, because of covid and pregnancies and whatnot, they hadn’t had a night, just the two of them, in about 2 years. Their wedding plans were as good as it gets, especially during covid. They married in Dublin City Hall. With just a best friend each (and their partners) each and their two daughters. Dublin City Hall Shelbourne Hotel Wedding

Dublin City Hall Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony was simple and beautiful. It purely focused on the love they have for one another and their family. They not only made vows to one another but to their children too (I know, I was bawling too). After their City Hall ceremony, the kids went home to stay with Rebecca’s aunt, and the couple and their pals headed for the Shelbourne Hotel for a very intimate wedding reception and a night away. Now, I’m not a parent, but I know a lot of my pals would do anything for a night like that. Hell, we all would have during the pandemic.

Dublin City Wedding Photos

Rather than a photoshoot, Rebecca & Andrew chose to stroll over to the Shelbourne. We stopped at meaningful spots along the way for a pint and a reminisce. First, it was the spot of their first date, Honest to Goodness. Then it was on to the Stags Head where they went (in wedding rigouts) to celebrate their kitchen vows. For their ‘Sten’ they had takeaway pints outside Grogan’s in the freezing cold. ┬áIt’s a short jaunt from there to the Shelbourne passing some iconic spots perfect for a dance and a photo op.

I left these two at the door of the Shelbourne Hotel and I swear I felt like I was leaving two of my best pals behind.

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