Small Covid-19 Wedding at Dublin City Hall – Heather & Rory

Small Covid-19 Wedding at Dublin City Hall – Heather & Rory

Covid 19 wedding with masks ireland

“Thank you so much for the wonderful photos! We’re so glad we found you and that you captured the vibe of the whole day. It looks like we were giggling the whole time.  Perfection.  Thanks for the memories (literally).”

Heather & Rory never got round to planning their big wedding day. Heather is from Virginia in the US so they had two options, the first option was to wait until they could have a big ol’ American wedding in her hometown OR they good go ahead and get married and have a big ol’ wedding party when they do get to go home, post Covid-19. They weren’t planning on having a photographer but Heather found this blog post I wrote and it changed her mind. She contacted me 3 weeks before their Small Covid-19 wedding in Dublin City Hall and because of all the cancellations from Covid affected weddings I was available.

They had a first look in Dublin Castle Gardens. It was so exciting because neither one knew what the other was wearing. Rory had Heather believing that he was going to be wearing a suit of armor at one stage. The only thing they knew is that they were both going to be wearing the same shoes. Oh the giddiness! Their small, socially distanced wedding ceremony was in Dublin City Hall with 6 guests present in person and the rest watching via a YouTube live stream, the wonders of modern technology. Heather’s mom even did a reading via a pre-recording that was played during the ceremony which would bring a tear to a glass eye.

Post ceremony we did some seriously epic wedding portraits inside Dublin City Hall, there are so many areas that are perfect for beautiful wedding photos. Heather & Rory even had a first dance of sorts.  We then took a little jaunt around the streets of Dublin to photograph this young couple in the laneways and side streets surround Temple Bar & Dublin Castle. I’m really enjoying these small Dublin City Centre wedding days. I was with Heather & Rory for just over 2 hours and we got so much done and it didn’t feel rushed. There was a lot of twirling! (Warning: if you wear a short wedding dress there will be twirling) It started to rain just as we were heading to dinner with their family in a local restaurant, so it was all perfectly timed.

Two people got married. This wedding didn’t feel any less full of love even though the number of people was smaller than usual. There were hugs, laughter, and smiles (even if they were covered with masks for the ceremony). This is a wedding!