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Vibrant Love: Shauna & Gary’s Colourful Vegan Wedding at Mount Druid

Mount Druid Wedding Photographer - Katie Kav

In a celebration as vibrant as their love, Shauna and Gary brought a kaleidoscope of colours and compassionate choices to their vegan wedding at the picturesque Mount Druid. This joyous occasion was a testament to their commitment not only to each other but also to the environment and all living beings. Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of Shauna and Gary’s colourful vegan wedding, where love, creativity, and sustainability blended seamlessly.

Shauna and Gary’s wedding was a visual feast of colours that symbolised their happiness and unity. The couple’s choice of a vibrant color palette extended across every detail, from the decorations to the attire, making their special day a true reflection of their personalities and values.

Set amidst the idyllic surroundings of Mount Druid, the couple’s choice of venue perfectly aligned with their eco-conscious mindset. The ethereal grounds and rustic structures of Mount Druid provided a naturally stunning backdrop for the festivities. Shauna and Gary’s commitment to sustainability was evident in every element, from locally sourced flowers to up-cycled decor, showcasing that a wedding can be both elegant and environmentally responsible.

Shauna and Gary’s vegan wedding menu featured delectable dishes crafted from fresh, organic ingredients, highlighting the couple’s dedication to a compassionate lifestyle. The guests were treated to an array of culinary delights that dispelled any notions that vegan food is anything less than indulgent.

As the sun set over Mount Druid, the festivities reached a crescendo of joy, laughter, and dancing. Shauna and Gary’s colourful vegan wedding was a powerful testament to their love for one another, their commitment to a compassionate lifestyle, and their belief that weddings can be a reflection of personal values. This celebration served as a reminder that love knows no boundaries and that a wedding can be a platform to share love not just between two individuals, but also for the world and its inhabitants.

Shauna and Gary’s colourful vegan wedding at Mount Druid was a harmonious blend of vibrant hues, ethical choices, and boundless love. Their celebration stood as a shining example of how a wedding can be a beautiful and meaningful expression of personal values, while also being a feast for the senses. In choosing to infuse every element of their special day with compassion and creativity, Shauna and Gary embarked on a journey that not only united their hearts but also left an indelible mark on all who were fortunate enough to witness their radiant love.

The Crew

Wedding Dress: E&W Couture, via Moonstruck Bride, alternations by Linda Doble Dressmaker

Bridesmaids dresses: 5 from Rewritten & 1 from Folkster

Shoes: Forever Soles

Flowers: Arbour Blooms (and also, seperately, some statement flowers by my mam and her friends)

Groom(smen)’s suits: Suitably(Groom), Next (groomsmen and flower men), ASOS (bridesman)

Accessories: Earrings- Ruby Jack; Arm cuff – Stone Delite; Veil – All About Romance; Custom book cover bag (my fave!) – VRStorybook

Cake: My friend Lorna is making the wedding cake, additional treats by my Nana and Gary’s cousin Katie, and we also have Donuts from The Rolling Donut

Make Up & Hair: Makeup: Apryl – Making Faces Gorey, Hair: Katie Quinlan, Beautiful Brides by Katie

Wedding Rings: Groom – Larsen Jewelers, Bride – Claddagh Jewellery

Ceremony/Reception Music: Nadine O’Sullivan – Harpbeats

Celebrant: Niamh Davis Celebrant

Neon by Sketch & Etch,

Confetti by Shropshire Petals,

Ribbons by Simply Ribbons,

Post box by Ben’s Signs


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