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How does the Best Irish Wedding Photographer & graphic designer rebrand herself?

As some of you know, my other job is graphic design. I work in a branding agency in Dublin City. We get to do some really cool stuff. Needless to say when I decided to rebrand I was feeling the pressure.

A couple of years ago, while I was living in Australia, I did the Jasmine Star 30 Day Photography course through Creative Live. I also worked with a Nada in Love is Sweet Photography as her second shooter. I had been working as a wedding photographer for 4 years at that stage. Although I was happy with my work, I was always looking for more authentic emotions from my couples. Two things happened that year, Nada introduced me to  Moment Design with Jesh de Rox in an intimate workshop and I also learned about shooting with intention.

Moment Design enabled me to let go of any reservations I had and open myself up to my couples. How could I expect openness and honesty if I was a closed book? Jesh said something that really stuck with me that day; ‘A person will laugh with you before they will cry with you. You can’t expect couples to just jump into the soppy stuff straight off the bat, you have to take your time and have fun with them first’.

Shooting with intention is something I take with me to every single wedding. In order to shoot with intention, I had to really look at my business. Who my clients were and the kind of work I wanted to produce. My key branding words, that my business still sticks to today are fun, candid & romantic wedding photography for fun-loving couples. Lately, I’ve been leaning more towards the fun and candid as that’s what my couples want but we can get romantic too at times.

Since returning from Australia, I’ve been shooting with those intentions and using things that I learned in Moment Design to develop my work. I established my brand and positioned it where I wanted it to be. There was just one thing that needed to change. My logo. I’d had my old logo for the whole of the 7 years of the business’ life and I’d outgrown it. It was perfect or the time but it didn’t sit well with the new brand.

Needless to say, as someone who works in branding every day I went through a lot of versions of the new logo but I’ve finally settled on the one you see above and across all my marketing and social materials. I couldn’t be happier with it. I have a fondness for eighties typography, I think it’s the epitome of fun! I can change the colours whenever I want (kind of like my hair) and I can’t wait to use it across some fun new collateral I have in the pipeline.

What do you think of my new identity? Let me know in the comments below. Best Irish Wedding Photographer


  1. Mike

    Love the new logo Katie, it’s fresh but timeless

    • katiekavanagh1984

      Thanks Mike, took a while 🙂


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