What wedding photographs do I HAVE to have?

What photographs do I HAVE to have?

Hi Katie.

I’m getting married this summer and I’m overwhelmed with all the lists that come with organising a wedding. My head is swirling with ‘must have’ photographs from the wedding day. What’s your advice? What wedding photographs do I HAVE to have?



Dear Evelyn.

If I had a euro for every time I was asked this question, I could quit both my jobs! I’ll tell you what I tell all my couples. It’s your wedding. The only photographs you HAVE to have, are the ones you want. If you want a completely candid wedding with no staged portraits, do it. If all that matters to you is family and you want a photograph with every family member at the wedding, do it. It’s completely up to you.

Sit down with your photographer and talk about the kind of wedding you want. Any photographer worth their salt is going to capture those all important moments with your parents, family and friends. As photographers we manage the expectations of our clients from the outset. I recommend you do this with your photographer. Outline what you expect from your photographs. Tell them what’s important but don’t provide them with a super long list of ‘must have’ shots. There’s nothing more off putting and suffocating to our creativity than a long shot list.

Breathe and enjoy your day.

K x


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