What are engagement photographs?

What are engagement photographs?

What are engagement photographs

What are engagement photographs? Darran and I had a photo shoot with the wonderful Stories by Ash. I had 2 reasons for wanting to get our portraits taken. Number 1 was to photograph our relationship in Melbourne in a way that wasn’t just selfies in the city. Number 2 was I wanted to see what it was like to go through the process from the other side of the lens. Man was it an eye opener. I now know that no matter who you are you will worry about your hair, makeup, what to wear, how to pose etc etc. But having done the shoot and receiving our sneak peek I know that I didn’t need to worry about a thing. I’m delighted with the photos and they’re printed and displayed all over our house.

So, why do I think engagement photos are so important. There are a number of reasons which I will talk a about below.

Get to know your photographer

Sure you’ve met them, had a coffee, bonded over your love of Katniss Everdeen but you don’t know them behind the lens. This is the perfect opportunity to see how they work. It’s also a great way for you to get some practice before the wedding day.

Let your photographer get to know you

On the flip side, engagement shoots lets your photographer get to know how you guys are together. Are you the shy and retiring type or are you all about the PDA? This is all valuable for a photographer heading in to your big day.

Save the date

A lot of couples use the engagement photographs on their save the date. Make sure you book your shoot well in advance to give your photographer time to edit the photographs before sending out the save the date.

Set the tone

Where you decide to do your engagement photographs can say a lot about who you are as a couple. Darran and I chose to do ours in the streets of Fitzroy in Melbourne. We spend a lot of time there and there’s so much cool street art around. It said a lot about us as a couple. The location will also help determine the style of your engagement photographs. If it’s a beach shoot you’re not going to want to wear high-heels, unless you’re a glutton for punishment. Engagement photographs also allows you to experiment with your style before the big day.


This was something I didn’t expect to happen. The nature of engagement photography means you’ll be getting nice and cosy with your other half. It really helped Darran and I reconnect as a couple. We felt very lovey-dovey after it. Always a plus.

You can probably tell from the above that I am an advocate of engagement photography or even just a love bird shoot! Drop me a line if you’re interested. Prices start at €450.

Benefits of Engagement Photographs | Irish Wedding Photographer



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