Candid Wedding Photography vs Traditional Wedding Photography

Candid Wedding Photography vs Traditional Wedding Photography

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Candid wedding photography and traditional wedding photography are two different styles of capturing images during a wedding.

Couples photos at a Horetown House Wedding

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography focuses on capturing formal, posed portraits of the couple and their families. The photographer will usually have a list of pre-planned shots that they will take during the ceremony and reception, and they will direct the subjects on how to pose for each shot. The result is a series of carefully composed and arranged images that document the key moments of the wedding day.

Candid/Documentary Wedding Photography

Candid wedding photography (also known as Documentary Wedding Photography),  on the other hand, is all about capturing spontaneous moments and emotions as they happen. The photographer will typically use a photojournalistic approach, blending into the background and taking pictures of the couple and their guests in a natural and unobtrusive way. The resulting images are often more candid and authentic, capturing the true essence of the day.

white room moon gate ceremony at Horetown House

That’s cool but which one are you Katie Kav?

Lucky for you, I’m a blend of both. 95% of the wedding day I take a documentary/photojournalistic approach. The other 5% accounts for the family/group/couples pictures part of the day. Even though I am posing you, it’s more of a “stand here in this nice light and have a chat” pose than a more formal approach.

Don’t believe me? Check out these Google Reviews from real couples who will back up my story.

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