Best of 2016 / Wedding Photographer Ireland

Best of 2016 / Wedding Photographer Ireland

2016 was a tough year for most people. I’m not gonna say it was the easiest year I ever had but it’s up there in the top 5 years of my life. We returned from Australia at the end of 2015. No jobs, I had a couple of weddings booked in and we were living with my mother for the first time in over 10 year. In January, I was hired to work in a wonderful design agency and Darran got a job in his chosen field. We got an amazing house, 10 minutes walk from my job with lovely neighbours and a spare room for our friends to visit. Score! best wedding photographer ireland

Returning home after a year in Australia was not easy. However, friends, family, brides, grooms and their families made it all the easier. I’ve witnessed some incredible weddings in my career and 2016 was no different. From an intimate wedding of 25 people in Borris House, a relaxed poolside wedding in Bordeaux, my dear friends who married after what seems like a life time on a sunny weekend in Waterford, or an elopement where it was just the 3 of us in Waterford Castle. Each wedding was unique in it’s own way and was a privilege to witness every single one. best wedding photographer ireland

On a personal note, there were ups and downs. 30th birthday weekends in Dingle, being a guest at my friend’s wedding because they wanted me to be present, experiencing Glastonbury for the first (and not last!) time, hiking in the Wicklow mountains, (for shoots and for leisure,) the news that I am 2 years officially Uveitis free, to name but a few things. I was pretty time poor for a lot of the year but looking back, it was as much personal plans as business plans. 2016 thought me to make time for things that really matter and not to sweat the small stuff. Sometimes it’s ok to miss out on something to chill out at home and be mindful. best wedding photographer ireland

I’m excited about what 2017 has in store. There’ll be plenty of weddings that’s for sure. Huge thank you to everyone who had me along for the ride last year. It really is an honour to document one of the biggest days of your life x Here’s a small snippet of some of my favourite images from the year. best wedding photographer ireland


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    Great work Katie, love that one in the sunflowers!


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