Where are you getting ready?

Where are you getting ready?

This is one of the first questions I ask my brides. There are a few things to consider when you’re planning where to get ready. Where are you getting ready?

Where are you getting ready?


Does the decor of the room suit the style of wedding you’re having? You want your photos to be cohesive and represent your personal style and your wedding. Make sure the room reflects this.

Natural Light

This is the holy grail for wedding photographers. We do a happy dance when we hear the words ‘floor to ceiling windows’ or ‘conservatory’. Ding ding ding! Jackpot.

Some gorgeous moments happen when you’re getting ready and the natural light just makes them look all the better.

Any makeup artist worth their salt will seek out natural light to do your makeup so you look the best in your photographs when shooting out side.

So if possible, get ready in a venue with TONS of natural light.

Tidy Spaces

Even if it’s just a quick whip round to pick up plastic bags, empty champagne bottles. Anything that will cause your photographs to look cluttered. Not to mention, branded products date your photographs.


If you’re not having a second shooter, your photographer may go to the groom first and to you after. It would be ideal if you were getting ready near each other.

Make sure you’re timelines line up. Have all your bits you need photographed ready for the photographer when they arrive. These include, dress, shoes, flowers, gifts, stationery etc.

Make sure you have enough time to get ready. You don’t want to be rushing around on the morning of your wedding Start at the ceremony time and work  your way backwards. Allowing time for your photographer to get to the ceremony before you. Discuss your timeline with your photographer in advance before booking anything or sending out your invitations.


I can’t count on my hands the number of times I’ve seen brides get in to their dresses in a cramped space with bad lighting and horrible walls. Give that dress the attention it deserves and step out in to the natural light and somewhere with space so you can really enjoy the moment.

The Dress

It might sound obvious but get a nice hanger. It will make your photos 100 times better. Bonus points for a swivel head. Remove all tags and those pesky little loops inside the dress. Do not get in to that dress if the photographer isn’t there. You don’t want to miss that shot.

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Where are you getting ready? | Irish Wedding Photographer