Why two photographers are better than one

Why two photographers are better than one

Why two photographers are better than one? I spent a whole year in Melbourne working as a second shooter with the wonderful Nada in Love is Sweet Wedding Photography.

Over that year I learned the importance of having two photographers on your wedding day. There are a number of reasons to have a second photographer I’ve outlined 3 main reasons below.


1. Why two photographers are better than one – Two Different Locations

Contrary to popular believe, your wedding photographer can’t be in two places at once. When they get their photos, couples always tell me, it’s like you were everywhere. As much as we’d like to be, this is not the case. Second photographers will cover one party while primary shooters cover  the other. It’s like having another shadow for the day. Both parties deserve to have their time together captured. While all you camera shy partners out there might think you’re not bothered with those photos, it’s often one of the couples favourite part of the photographs. Both like to see what the other gets up to before you say your ‘I Do’s’ Learning to tie bow ties, fumbling with boutineers (EVERY TIME) and scrambling last minute to finish those speeches. It all helps to tell the complete story of your day.

Why two photographers is better than one

2. Why two photographers are better than one – More Candid Photographs

The primary photographer is there to capture the must have photographs on your wedding day.  The romance and the fun. This day isn’t just about you (sorry to break it to you). Your guests are a big part of the celebration. The second photographer has the freedom to roam around your guests and get those beautiful intimate moments that happen behind the scenes. Your proud parent’s tears as they watch you front and centre saying your vows, the excited smile of a close but rarely seen friend as you make your appearance and all the laughs, in jokes & bets being made by your guests while you make your speeches.

Why two photographers is better than one

3. Why two photographers are better than one – A Different Perspective

The second photographer is free to go where they please. They know the primary photographer has the main shots covered. They can capture the emotion and reactions of the guests as well as a different angle to the proceedings.

For example, when you enter your venue. One photographer captures that story from the back, and another photographer is at the top. Capturing the nerves and relief when you finally see each other, or even a back shot of you walking up the aisle. Or during the bouquet toss, one photographer captures the toss and one captures the girls scrambling for the bouquet. These are all elements that make up your day and the opportunities are endless.

Don’t just take my word for it, below are some testimonials from past couples as to why a second photographer was a must for them. If you have the budget, and those photographs are important to you, I would definitely recommend investing in a second photographer for your wedding day. Get in touch if you want to discuss further.

“A second shooter was something that was a must for us from day 1. I’d seen photos of a friends wedding and I loved that both the groom and the bride were captured perfectly whilst she walked down the aisle and I loved the front and back shots of the dress. What we didn’t realise until the day was how amazing it was to have someone shooting the brides party getting ready whilst the grooms party was captured too, that someone was capturing everything about our party whilst we were having the couple photos and just having a second and different pair of eyes created such a complete view of our wedding.” – Victoria & Tom

Having a second photographer was always my preference for our wedding photographer. We didn’t just want the pressure of getting all of the pictures on one person. Having a second shooter also allowed us to not only get pictures of the bridal party getting ready, but the men as well & some of their photos ended up being hilarious. The second shooter was fabulous & we didn’t need to worry about only one person getting photos of us as well as our family & friends. It was money well spent and I would recommend it to all brides and grooms. You can’t recreate these moments so make sure to capture them all! – Melissa & Daniel
Why two photographers are better than one / Wedding photographer two shooters