Tips for planning your wedding ceremony

Tips for planning your wedding ceremony.

I’ve had the honour to witness countless wedding ceremonies at this stage. Some have been more memorable than others. This is because of the time and consideration the couple has given to planning their ceremony. Below are a few tips to insure you get the ceremony you want. Tips for planning your wedding ceremony 

tips for planning your wedding ceremony

Get to know your celebrant

It’s important to build a relationship with your celebrant. Having a good relationship makes for a much more personal ceremony. Research before choosing your celebrant, what style of celebrant are they. Are they fun? Traditional? You really don’t want to be disappointed with your ceremony after the day. Not every celebrant is the same. Some don’t do the first kiss so it makes sense to shop around and find one that suits you.

Ceremony time

This is so important.  Talk to your photographer before confirming the time of your ceremony. You don’t want to book it and realise you haven’t left enough time for portraits or to enjoy your reception. If you have your heart set on a later ceremony, a ‘first look’ is always a good option. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony you don’t want to have it at noon were the sun is too harsh for photos.

Photographers allowed?

It’s not that common that photographers aren’t allowed shoot  during a wedding ceremony but it doesn’t hurt to check. Most professional photographers are discreet enough that they’ll only shoot the important marriage parts and be respectful for the religious parts.

Outdoor ceremony?

If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, position of the sun at the time of the ceremony is very important. Ideally you want the sun at your back, this make for nice diffused lighting which is flattering for everybody. Again it’s worth asking your photographers opinion before finalising this all important detail.

Unplugged Ceremony

I’ve written about this before. It’s a good idea to request this for the ceremony. It can be quite hard for your photographer to get those all important shot if Uncle Bob is hanging out in to the aisle or worse still using a flash. It happens more often than you think.

So weather your planning a beach wedding, a theatre wedding, a church wedding or an outdoor wedding, I hope you find these tips helpful. Drop me a line if you’ve any additional questions or comment below x

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