Time to put on your wedding dress

Time to put on your wedding dress

It’s an hour before you’re due to leave, and it’s time to put on your wedding dress. Hold your  horses. There’s a couple of things that need to happen first.

Time to put on your wedding dress


Consider location for putting on your dress. Try have as much natural light as possible. Throw open those curtains. Don’t be shy. Go outside if you’re brave enough.


There are two ways of doing this. You can have your photographer wait outside until it’s time to zip/button up the dress. Or have them in with you ready to go. Both are fine, be sure to have a chat with your photographer about it before the big day. Just don’t forget to call them back in if they are outside the door.


Your bridesmaids need to be dressed first. You’ll want them to look nice for the photographs putting you in to the dress.

Time to put on your wedding dress

Those fiddly buttons

A bridal shop gave me the tip of having a crochet needle on hand if you have buttons on your back of your dress. It helps to with the elastic loops that go over the buttons and stops your maids from chipping their nails. If you don’t have a needle make sure your maids have clean hands and gloves to stop your dress getting grubby. You can get a crochet needle in most local sewing shops or online here.


Sit don’t stand. It makes for a much nicer photograph if you sit down while putting on your shoes.

You’re good to go. I hope you enjoyed this tip for time to put on your wedding dress, let me know if there’s anything else you’d like advice on. Drop me a line or comment below.

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