Rain on your Wedding Day… What to do

Rain on your Wedding Day… What to do

If you’re getting married in Ireland, chances are, it’s going to rain. There’s no point stressing over it, there’s nothing you can do. Having shot weddings in all weather I can tell you, there’s nothing to worry about. Follow these handy tips for rain on your wedding day and you’ll be laughing. Rain on your Wedding Day… What to do

Rain on your Wedding Day... What to do


If you’re wearing heels, have a pair of waterproof flats or wellies to change in to for going outside. It’ll make it so much easier to move around. Some cool wellies here.


You may not need them but it’s no harm to have a couple of back up ones just in case. I like the clear ones but pick whatever matches your wedding. You can find some here.

Wrap up Warm

Bring something to keep you warm, be it a cardigan, a coat or a fur wrap like these ones from Willow & Wild. Hot Packs are your friend. You don’t want blue hands in the photos.


FACT: Runny noses do not make for attractive photos.

Hot Drinks

Grab one before you head out, better still bring a flask with you. Will keep you warm from the inside out.

Up Close & Personal

It’s going to be cold. Snuggle right up to each other, it’ll make for some killer photos.

Embrace the Rain

If you’re not afraid to go out in it, you won’t get wet, I promise. You will get some cracking images though.

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