Hot Wedding Day – Tips for the heat

Hot Wedding Day – Tips for the heat

Everyone wants sun on their wedding day, most people anyway. However, just like rain on your wedding day, heat on your wedding day has it’s own problems. Nothing insurmountable once you’re prepared. Hot Wedding Day – Tips for the heat

Hot Wedding Day - Tips for the heat

Don’t get ready too early

You don’t want to be hanging in around in your dress, with your hair and makeup done if it’s too hot. Especially if where you’re getting ready doesn’t have air conditioning!

Sun cream

Make sure you’re makeup or face-cream has SPF in it. Apply sun cream to all areas of your body exposed to the sun. Keep it topped up.


Wearing your hair up will keep you cooler and you’ll avoid that sticky hair on the back of your neck.

Blotting Paper

You can find these in boots or any chemist really. They are your saviour for preventing shiny face syndrome.


Don’t be shocked. This is a trick I learned while traveling. Don’t wear it. It can attract mosquitos and makes you all sticky.

Panty Liners

This ones for the boys. Stick panty liners in the arm pits of their shirts. They will soak up the sweat and prevent those nasty pit stains. A spare shirt doesn’t go astray either.

Direction of the sun

To avoid squinting in photos (no one looks good squinting) make sure you always have your back to the sun for photographs.


These can keep the sun off your skin on a super hot day. It’ll help you avoid heat stroke, sweating and sunburn.


This applies to all wedding days. Stay hydrated, you’ll have more energy and your skin will look healthier. Don’t over indulge on the champagne too early either.

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