What happens when you arrive to your ceremony?

What happens when you arrive to your ceremony?

If you’re getting ready off site (away from the ceremony location), most likely you’re arriving by car. what happens when you arrive to your ceremony?

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Close the doors

This might sound stupid but you don’t want to ruin your grand entrance because you haven’t assigned someone to close the doors before you step out of the car.


Don’t get out of the car until your photographer has arrived. They should be there before you but on the off chance they’re not, stay put until they knock on the window.

Roll down the window

This is one of my favourite photos. The bride is always so full of excitement, nervousness and anticipation. It also gives you a couple of mins to catch your breath and prepare for walking down the aisle.

Getting out

Careful getting out of the car, don’t rush it, and make sure there’s someone there to help you out. Try and have it be someone close to you rather than the driver, it makes for a much more meaningful photo.

Ready for the off

It’s really helpful if you’ve discussed procession order with your bridal party beforehand. Have someone on hand to organise everyone at the entrance to the ceremony.

Make sure to leave plenty of space between each person so your photographer can get a clear shot of each important person. Wait until the last bridesmaid has reached the top before you make your grand entrance. You want that epic entrance shot.

Traditionally the bride walks up on the left hand side but lately I’ve seen brides with long trains walk up on the right hand side so that whoever is giving them away doesn’t have to step over or around it.

I hope you find this helpful, if you know someone you think would benefit from this please do share. If you’ve any more questions feel free to drop me a line.