How we celebrated our first wedding anniversary in lockdown

First Wedding Anniversary Ideas

We were where a year married on the 1st of June 2020. Our original plan was to head to Monart for a couple of days of relaxation. Obviously because of Covid19 that just wasn’t possible. Never one to be defeated I got my thinking cap on and came up with some first wedding anniversary ideas.

family door portrait dublinPortrait Session

About 6 weeks into lockdown I started photographing people at their front doors to create a record of what was going on. One of the most asked questions is “When are you going to do your own doortrait?”. Well, what better day than our wedding anniversary. We were planning to get spruced up anyway so it would have been a shame to let it go to waste. We painted the front door and window a couple of weeks ago. It’s Fleetwood Exuberant Pink and I got it in Templeogue Decor/ We borrowed the window box from a neighbour because I’m not going to queue for Woodie’s for a window box. My gorgeous photography pal Claire Byrne Photography lives quite close by so she popped down in the afternoon to take our photo. It’s nice to have a document of the day even if we couldn’t go far.

Picnic with Pals

Originally we were planning one picnic with pals but the weather was so good we ended up having several. The first was in Harold’s Cross Park, across the road from D6 Off Licence, super handy. We had heard a rumour that the pub next door Peggy Kelly’s was doing pints but it wasn’t to be the day we were there.  Our second picnic was on Sunday, we hopped on our bikes and headed to Grangegorman for Prosecco, cheese and meats in the park. Everyone brought their own blankets, tableware and accoutrements. Anything that was shared we used fresh gloves which made it slower but we weren’t complaining. From there we hopped back on the bikes and headed to Phoenix Park for a sit in the sunshine and a couple of cans with our 2 pals who live nearby.

Recreated our Wedding Meal

Since we’ve been in lockdown we’ve cooked some pretty ambitious meals. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen some of them. Recreating our wedding meal was the biggest one yet. We had our wedding in Horetown House  and the pâté is so delicious. Tim, the chef, and my new best pal,  kindly sent me on the recipe and I decided to give it a whirl. It didn’t look pretty but it was delicious. Darran slow-cooked a short rib of beef we got from our new fave place, Lawlors Butchers in Rathmines for the main and I made sticky toffee pudding with sauce from scratch. Our house is tiny, so we don’t have a fancy table to have our meals at and it was roasting out the day of our anniversary so Darran created this little romantic spot out of a bedsheet and some dodgy outdoor furniture we inherited with the house.

Rewatched our video and photos

I’ve heard people say that the only time you’ll look at your video and photos is on your wedding anniversary and dya know what? I’m ok with that. We were on our second bottle of champagne when we sat down to watch our slideshow of photos and the full wedding video. It was great craic. You forget a lot of what went on, you miss a lot the first time round, so it’s nice to look back on. Also, everyone looks deadly!!


I’m a sucker for a fancy drink. I love the theatrics of it, never mind the taste. So I ordered some premade cocktails from Drop Dead Twice to have throughout the weekend. I ordered the Pornstar Martini which comes with a shot of prosecco which just adds to the production (without actually having to do anything).

Food Boxes

We didn’t actually end up ordering a food box but we did a good bit of looking around to see what was out there. There are LOADS of delicious and reasonably priced ones in the Dublin are. All the Food have linked them here and The Locals have theirs here.

Gift Ideas for your first wedding anniversary

I’m an overthinker by nature so I spent ages planning what to do get Darran but when lockdown happened I was limited. Keep in mind that traditionally, your first wedding anniversary is paper.

I ended up making a photo book of the year we’d had. It was a lovely thing to do during lockdown. It was nice to look back over everything we did and reminisce and look forward to when we get out of lockdown, turns out it’s the simple things I miss. Also, I forgot to write and give Darran a card on our wedding day and he hasn’t stopped slagging me over it since. So I commissioned JS Designs to do a custom illustration of us on our wedding day and made a card out of it. Should shut him up for a while. Darran got me a print by my favourite artist Fuchsia MacAree and had it framed. He also ordered a bouquet of flowers that had our wedding flowers in it!

Below are a few ideas I had of first wedding anniversary gifts: