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Best Irish Wedding Photographer 2020

Best Irish Wedding Photographer 2020 What a year?! Best one yet? It was pretty darn close. I finally got married after 11 years with Darran and we had the best weekend imaginable (you can see those photos here). It was quite different being on the other side of the whole wedding planning thing and has…

Intimate Irish Elopement

Intimate Irish Elopement Photography Samantha & Adam are absolute sweethearts. They met in Moldova. Adam was just finishing up his time with the Peace Corp and setting up his own business. Samantha was just starting her service with the Peace Corp. It took almost a year to finally have time one-on-one, and when they did have…

Dromquinna Manor Wedding – Kat & Stefan

Dromquinna Manor Wedding, Irish Wedding Photographer – Kat & Stefan   Something beautiful begins They met, almost colliding in an East Village dive that was far too crowded for a first date. So Kat suggested an ever-so-fancy cocktail bar nearby. And so the night proceeded with more immaculately crafted cocktails than either of them expected….