Dunmore East Wedding Photographer – Nicola & Bernard

Dunmore East Wedding Photographer – Nicola & Bernard

Nicola & Bernard (Bonjo) met through a friend… 15.Years.Ago. Irish fellas sure don’t rush in to things do they? However, he redeemed himself with the proposal. Nicola grew up in Dunmore East and it’s one of her favourite places in the whole world. “We where on the beach in Dunmore East in the rain in May 2016 with our then 4 year old daughter. We were bringing her for a walk and throwing stones in the water when I turned around Bernard was on one knee and I just yelped!!” Dunmore East Wedding Photographer

Nicola & Bonjo were pretty laid back about the planning. Nicola didn’t even realise there was such a thing as a wedding ‘theme’! The wanted to focus on good music, good food and an excellent photographer (that’s me)!  They didn’t rush in to things and gave themselves a good 2 years to plan and organise the day just the way they wanted. They even managed to add to their family in that time with the arrival of their second daughter! When I asked Nicola how she felt the day went she said” The day was amazing from start to finish. We had so much fun and everyone commented on what a happy bride I was which took me by surprise cos surely if your going to be happy its going to be your wedding day!!” Dunmore East Wedding Photographer

As for the highlight of the day, there was no question for either of them ” It was definitely the moment the priest pronounced us as husband and wife as our 6 year old daughter was ecstatic and we will never forget her face. Pure joy it was just absolutely adorable.” I remember her telling us during prep that she couldn’t wait for her Mam to have the same surname as the rest of them. The actual cuteness! Dunmore East Wedding Photographer

As for advice they’re pretty clear on this one “Just relax and enjoy every minute. Don’t overthink things and if something does go wrong so be it, just enjoy the day and don’t let it pass you by without embracing every moment.” Wise words guys! Dunmore East Wedding Photographer

Supporting Cast:
Wedding Dress: Enchanting Brides
Shoes: Rainbow ClubPearls and Lace
Bridesmaid Dresses: Starla
Flower girl dress: Debenhams & Little Mischief
Groomsmens Suits: Fitzgerald’s Menswear Waterford
Bridal cars : TLC, Waterford
Make Up: Lyndsey Waring
Hair: Elaine Hutchinson
DJ/band/other entertainment: Avalon
Venue: Tower Hotel, Waterford


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