All the little things

I was going to include this in my previous blog post but I decided to give it a post of it’s own. I send a list out to all my brides in the run up to their wedding day of things to get ready before I arrive. Below is a run down of what’s on that list. Don’t worry it’s not too long. If you have all these ready, it saves loads of time for your photographer on the morning of the wedding. All the little things

All the little things

Bridal Shoes

A lot of brides get their dream shoes for their wedding day. Makes sense you’d want them photographed. Make sure you remove all stickers from your shoes before the morning of your wedding. Saves you ruining your manicure in the rush too.


This includes veil, necklace, bracelet, head-piece, anything you plan on wearing on the day. Don’t forget your perfume bottle too, in good condition preferably.

Wedding Rings

It’s tradition for the groom to have the rings on the morning of the wedding. But if you want a shot of all three rings together you should have them with you on the morning of the wedding. This shot can be done after the ceremony but a lot of couples are reluctant to part with their rings at this time.


Make sure your florist delivers your flowers early enough in the day for the photographer to get a photograph of your bouquet before you leave. Top Tip: Remove your flowers from the water they’re sitting in 10 minutes before leaving for the church, wipe them with a towel to prevent water drops on your dress.

Bridal Party Gifts

If you’re giving gifts, try to hold out until your photographer gets there. It’s a nice detail to include in your album. It’s also nice to document this time.

Wedding Stationery

This is one most people forget. Being a stationery designer I don’t. Have a fresh, unused stationery suite with you on the morning of the wedding. It helps set the scene for your day.

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